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Homeschooling Tutors and Services

HomeschoolingUK provides homechoolers in the UK with the educational resources and expertise homeschooling students need to excel while learning in the home environment.


Homeschooling Servies

Homeschooling Advice

We provide free, impartial homeschooling advice for parents who are unsure about the next steps on their homeschooling journey.

Homeschooling Tutors

We provide dedicated homeschooling tutors to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind in their studies.

Homeschooling Resources

We have a range of useful homeschooling resources for students and parents.

Homeschooling made easy for hardworking parents.


Homeschooling Projects

Our homeschooling initiative focuses on raising awareness of both the benefits and risks homeschooling has to offer.

Many homeschooling parents find themselves in a  position where they can’t connect with other homeschooling families, Homeschooling UK is here to bridge that gap.

We want homeschooling to be a useful and recognised form of education that parents see as normal.

Start your homeschooling journey today and find out the first steps.

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