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HomeschoolingUK provides homechoolers in the UK with the educational resources and expertise homeschooling students need to excel while learning in the home environment. If you’re currently homeschooling in the UK or just looking for more information about homeschooling and the various options available, then your in the right place.

Homeschooling Servies

Homeschooling Advice

We provide free, impartial homeschooling advice for parents who are unsure about the next steps on their homeschooling journey.

We provide dedicated homeschooling tutors to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind in their studies.

Homeschooling Resources

We have a range of useful homeschooling resources for students and parents.

Homeschooling made easy for hardworking parents.

Know Who We Are

About Homeschooling UK

Homeschooling UK offer a unique place in which both free and paid homeschooling services are provided. We don’t just want homeschooling parents to be alone when supporting their child and that’s why we’ve made homeschooling UK, to connect parents and those looking for homeschooling advice and support.

Homeschooling UK offer a range of free homeschooling services to parents currently homeschooling or considering homeschooling their child. some of our free homeschooling services include a 30 minute homeschooling consultation, free homeschooling resources and advice, a homeschooling group and forum connecting you with thousands of other homeschooling parents in the UK and around the world.

Some of our paid services include homeschooling tutors and management in which we can provide more details upon request. 

Start your homeschooling journey today and find out the first steps.

Find a Homeschooling solution that's right for You

We're dedicated to helping parents with Homeschooling in the UK. Find out more information about our homeschooling services and how we can help you.

Amazing Homeschooling Services

We provide a range of free homeschooling services for students and parent around the UK.

Homeschooling information

If you're a worried or even curious homeschooling parent who wants to learn more information about homeschooling in the UK, then you've come to the right place. Homeschooling UK provides parents with homeschooling information and learning materials for homeschooling.

Homeschooling tutors

Our homeschooling tutors will travel to your home on a daily basis and provide top lessons in the core subjects maths, English and science. Parents can also choose from a range of highly beneficial subjects including history, IT, music, languages, sports or any other relevant subject.

Homeschooling resources

If you're homeschooling, using some helpful learning resources will enhance your child's homeschooling experience. Homeschooling UK provide a range of helpful Homeschooling resources including homeschooling guides, learning worksheets and free tutorials.

Homeschooling consultations

Homeschooling UK provide a range of helpful Homeschooling consultations for parents, including what factors we consider the best reasons for homeschooling and some helpful alternatives to try if you're unsure about about the next steps.

Homeschooling Groups

As mentioned we provide free forums for parents to get helpful homeschooling information. We have large Facebook group full of homeschooling parents and parents that are in the discussion phase. Some parents are just on our platform the helpful information that's shared on it.

Homeschooling Forums

If you're homeschooling, using some helpful learning resources will enhance your child's homeschooling experience. Homeschooling UK provide a range of helpful Homeschooling resources including homeschooling guides, learning worksheets and free tutorials.

Homeschooling projects

Homeschooling Initiative

Our homeschooling initiative focuses on raising awareness of both the benefits and risks homeschooling has to offer.

Homeschooling Connections

Many homeschooling parents find themselves in a  position where they can't connect with other homeschooling families, Homeschooling UK is here to bridge that gap.

Homeschooling Growth

We want homeschooling to be a useful and recognised form of education that parents see as normal.

Beautiful Homeschooling Guide for Parents

Read our ultimate homeschooling guide for parents and tell us what you'd like us to add in the next guide.


More on Homeschooling UK

Homeschooling rules

Homeschooling rules and regulations in the UK can vary slightly depending on your local authority and you can access more homeschooling guidance via our website. We provide help for parents who want to know or understand how to homeschool in the UK and the best homeschooling practices in the UK.

Homeschooling information

Homeschooling information such as how to start homeschooling and if homeschooling is right for you can be found on our website, join our homeschooling community and connect with other homeschooling parents. You can make an account and ask a homeschooling or educational related question on our website.

Homeschooling tutors

Homeschooling UK provide homeschooling tutors for homeschooling students around the UK and internationally. Our homeschooling tutors will help provide you with a top home education, they're aware of the educational requirements and understand the exams you'required to take so you can go onto A-levels, university or an apprenticeship if you so wish.We provide maths, English and science homeschooling tutors as well as a online sch0ol for students.

Homeschooling resources

Homeschooling UK provide a range of homeschooling resources for students across the UK. We provide homeschooling resources in maths, English and science and also subjects such as history, geography and Spanish, if you're using one of our homeschooling tutors then a lot of your homeschooling resources will be tailor made for you.

Homeschooling groups

Homeschooling UK provide two primary areas in which homeschooling parents can communicate and get together. Visit our forum and post a question or go on Facebook and type in Homeschooling UK to find us.