How to start Homeschooling in the UK

You can start homeschooling in the UK by simply writing a letter to your child’s school and/or local authority informing them of your intention to homeschool your child and when you plan and starting. As a parents and the legal guardian of your child, it is your decision to decide whether homeschooling in the best option for your child and nobody else.


Homeschooling can benefit your child in many ways:

  1. Better learning and cognitive function:

Students who are homeschooled will have a lot more one to one attention, this will clearly provide a better learning experience compared to children attending school in a class of 20 to 30 other students. Anything your child doesn’t understand can be dealt with straight away instead of a couple weeks later in a school environment, where the teacher may not have the time to give your child the one to one attention they require. Giving your child more academic attention should improve your child’s overall learning experience and cognitive function as a result.

  • Removal of any negative stimulus from your child’s learning and social environment:

If your child attends a school where the standard of teaching isn’t up to standard, there are a lot of bullies or their class could lack discipline, this could be having a negative impact on your child’s learning and development. There’s a variety of different reason why your child could be having a negative experience at school but whatever it is, the proper avenues the school and council have put in place to resolve such issues should be the primary method parents use to resolve these issues, this isn’t just beneficial for your child but other students at the school as well. If all else fails homeschooling is an excellent option.

  • Specific education tailored to your child’s needs:

HomeschoolingUK provides specific education tailored to your child’s needs, we recreate the style of homeschooling that parents should employ in order to help their child achieve good grades in a healthy homeschooing environment.

  • More quality time with your child and commitment to your child’s personal development and improvement:

Homeschooling parents enjoy more quality time with their child and a greater to commitment to their child’s personal development and social growth, hence why homeschooling can be quite popular in areas where minorities are situated that don’t have any schools in the local area that reflect their religious and/or personal beliefs.



How to start homeschooling in Abbey Wood: You can start homeschooling in Abbey Wood by following the steps:

Step 1: Inform the school and council that you intend to homeschool your child, you do not have to provide a reason but you do have to provide some sort of description of how you intend on home educating your child. Councils may ask you to provide proof of how your child is being educated and even how you’re assessing their progress, some parents employ homeschooling tutors, or attend early learning centres for homeschooling in the local area.

Step 2: Implement a regular homeschooling routine

Some homeschooling parents will strongly disagree with having a regular routine in which you homeschool your child, this can potential be dangerous as humans need a routine to be more productive in life, introducing a regular routine is important for helping students have a routine later on in life, this could be waking up on a regular basis for work or even studying on a regular basis, but routine and structure is key to success, therefore having a routine when homeschooling is one of the easiest ways to do this. In some cases, children don’t cope well with routine and having lessons at a time that fits their appetite for learning can sometimes be the most productive way for them to learn however it’s important to note you should try and ease them into a steady routine at some point during their homeschooling journey.

Step 3: Keep a homeschooling record

It’s important you keep a clear and easy to follow record of what you’ve been doing with your child, this is useful not only for proof you’re educating your child but also so that you can monitor their progress and provide a better homeschooling service to your child who’s relying on you to provide the best home education available to them.

Step 4: Have a plan

Have a plan of what topics you aim to cover with your child, get organised and ensure you’re doing your best to give your child a great home education, planning means having a set period of allocated time you’ve set aside to ensure your home educating your child. Core subjects are a good start maths, English and science.