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Since 1995 we've been helping homeschooling communities, parents and students around the UK.

HomeschoolingUK was founded with the soul aim of making the Homeschooling experience pleasant for both the student and parents. Over the years we’ve seen an increase in demand for Homeschooling for a variety of reasons and this in turn has resulted in an increased demand for homeschooling information and support.

At Homeschooling UK we want to create a community of homeschoolers that can share ideas and help one another.

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Let us help you, help yourself with our outstanding homeschooling forums and services.

We Love Learning

At homeschooling UK we love learning, not just academic learning but all aspects of learning as we believe a more rounded education can bring out a better character ans is more stimulating for the brain. We believe  homeschooling is a great opportunity to teach your child all the things they don’t learn in school.

Homeschooling Tips

– Homeschooling isn’t for everyone.

– Homeschooling should be for children who need it not because you think it will help your child.

– Homeschooling a child who wouldn’t normally require it can be highly detrimental in some cases, just as not homeschooling  child who needs it can be detrimental to them.

Make sure homeschooling is the right decision for you


Most frequent questions and answers

100% yes, we offer free homeschooling advice and consultations for parents looking for a quick answer to commonly asked homeschooling questions.

Homeschooling UK provide free homeschooling information to parents as well as connecting homeschooling parents together. We provide homeschooling tutors and resources as a paid service. 

  1. Homeschooling tutors.
  2. Homeschooling administrative tasks.
  3. Homeschooling learning materials.
  4. Homeschooling advise.
  1. For homeschooling tutors and resources you can contact us for a quote.
  2. For homeschooling advise you can book a free consultation by contacting us.

It depends on the factors involved and what you’ve tried already, if a child is having issues at school we’d recommend trying to resolve them before starting homeschooling.

You can change your mind anytime and start going back to school.

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